Final Four

by Quinnipiac

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released June 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Quinnipiac Sydney, Australia

Two friends in their 30s playing hardcore punk. Active between January and May, 2014. Twelve songs written, four shows played. Thanks for listening. Rob Myers / Matt Reilly

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Track Name: Beneath The Roots
I feel frustration setting in.
My patience is wearing wafer thin.
Annoyed by your stupidity.
This anger get the best of me.
I try my best to stay calm.
My head is ringing like an alarm.

Reaching boiling point. An urge to destroy.

My mind is reeling. I hate this feeling.
I now lose all control of this internal seething.
Track Name: Convincing Numbers
An arrogant know-it-all
Love the sound of your own voice
Force your opinions with no choice
Ignorant attitude
Treat women with disregard
"The man should always be in charge"

Use your "facts" to shut her up
You sit there feeling smug
Show her who is in charge
Big man with your numbers

Convinced you're so fucking smart
I can see that you aren't
It's time you learned your place
I'll wipe that smirk off your face
Track Name: The Confluence Of Two Waterways
This is it, I've had enough
Your ego is bigger than your gut
Talking shit about my friends
This jealousy needs to end
Imaginary superstar
Your stardom is a farce
Talking tough, such a big man
Your silly act is just a sham

So insecure that you childishly act this way
Your stupidity is clear with all you say
A primitive intelligence is on display
Unequivocally moronic in every way

Try-hard with a chip on his shoulder
You'll fade away in short order
Self proclaimed king of a stupid trend
No idea what the fuck is wrong with your head
Track Name: Beard Night At The Shark Tank
I see what you are
Yet another piece of shit
Use all that you meet
You just take, never give
You lied to all your friends
All alone, no one cares

No one to blame but yourself
You're the one to blame

I won't show pity
Now your life fucking sucks.
Bed's made, lay in it
I can't help but laugh